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A range of forklift attachments and accessories to meet all your material handling needs

When handling a specific product or material, it is essential to use the correct attachment on your forklift. Truckmasters specialises in supplying a complete range of forklift attachments and accessories, whatever your material handling needs.

Our innovative ideas and continual improvements ensure that the Attachments and Accessories we supply will increase productivity, improve safety and to reduce risk of personal injury or product damage.

With our help you can extend the capabilities of your forklift to become a more versatile, efficient and practical machine.

We can support and advise you on which Handling equipment is most suitable to meet your requirements and budget, we are sure, we have the solution for you!

From Fork Extensions to Grain and Potato Buckets...

Designed to extend normal length forklift forks. Fork extension sleeves are quick and easily to fit and use, enabling you to easily access material which would usually be out of reach.

All operated without leaving your seat. Fork positioners move forks quickly and accurately and fit different pallet sizes.

Rotators revolve 360° in both directions for inverting and dumping loads.

A fork mounted jib or hook is generally used to lift loads from above rather than from below.

A Sideshift is controlled by the driver from their seat and allows carried loads to be moved left and the right. Useful in environments where space is restricted, this application improves your truck's loading abilities.

For Palletless handling, fits most types of baled and other product. (E.g; cotton, wool, synthetic textile bales, newsprint, hay ETC...).

Forklift truck mounted access platforms are raised work areas. More practical and efficient to use than a ladder or cherry picker. Suitable for the transportation of a person or persons and/or raising material loads to desired working area.

Our forklift tipping skips allows safe transportation and temporary storage of unwanted waste and rubbish.

Our forklift tipping buckets are quick and simple to fit enabling you to move product efficiently and safely.

Truckmasters Attachment & Accessories

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