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Short term hire - Flexible, quick and easy

Truckmasters short term hire is a great option when your business requires flexibility, specialised job requirements, an increase in workload during seasonal periods or when unexpected demands need to be met. Whether it's additional or replacement forklift trucks, Truckmasters can offer competitive hire packages for forklifts trucks and other equipment & applications. With no long term investment or hire contract, our short term hire agreements can be one day, a couple of weeks or few months.

All repairs and servicing will be covered under the short term hire agreement, except for any accident damage or damage caused as a result of machine misuse.

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Long term hire - Practical and cost effective

Truckmasters long term hire agreement is a great option if you need forklift trucks but outright purchasing is not required. Our packages offer new and used machines with a minimum of 3 year hire on new and a minimum one year on used. The benefits of Truckmaster Long Term Hire package include; Fixed monthly payments and fault and breakdown cover. All repairs and servicing will be covered under the hire agreement except for the following parts: Tyres, Forks, Seats and Bulbs.

Truckmasters can also offer Leasing and Operated Lease Hire agreements on forklifts trucks.

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