Truckmasters meets customer needs with precision

Truckmasters meets customer needs with precision

Drury Precision Engineering specialise in manufacturing high quality parts for diverse industry sectors, including motorcycles parts, electronics, building, leisure and engineering products. Their 13,500 ft2 factory includes product design and development facilities, sheet-metal workshops, advanced machining tools, plastic forming and powder coating.

The company has used a 2 tonne forktruck for all their on site lifting requirements. However, due to the layout of the factory and the diversity of the manufacturing areas, they realised that a standard forklift was not flexible enough to meet their needs. The needed something far more manoeuvrable and yet still capable of lifting at least 1 tonne to at least 1 metre.

Toyota BT supply a range of high quality stackers which are perfect for this type of application. So after a quick search, Chris Vines MD, identified that this could be the perfect solution. He contacted Truckmasters and area sales manager Terry Ross arranged for a demo of the Toyota BT Staxio HWE100 mini stacker within a couple of days.

The mini stacker quickly confirmed what Chris had hoped for. Its compact size, ease of use and capabilities solved all the problems they were having with their traditional forklift.

They purchased a Toyota BT Staxio HWE100 mini stacker with optional height adjuster which has proved so successful that they have just placed an order for a second stacker.

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